Apartment conversion . Berlin-Neukölln

Realarchitektur . photos: © Beatrice Pötschke

Realarchitektur designed the conversion of a traditional Berlin apartment for a young Norwegian artist.

After having removed the internal walls that used to house the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and a small bedroom, we were able to work with a large well lit space.
Communication, sculpture and a three dimensional experience of the space were the main themes of the design.

A floor and a raised platform with a concrete screed envelops most of the necessary functions. When entering the flat the first reaction is mostly one of confusion. The Kitchen worktop is a floor, or the raised floor has a sunk in workspace. The windows are existing, one of them in its traditional setting but another has changed into a French balcony.
The bathroom is a private small space set in a box in the corner. When inside a window allows for views out through the larger space onto the courtyard.
At the same time a view from the large space into the bathroom and the bathtub is possible, reinforcing the three dimensional sculpture and allowing for communication.

It is a project that makes use of the possibilities given by large spaces and that questions our everyday way of life in regards to the use of the space , of our need of privacy and our way to communicate in a traditional living environment...

The project was completed in 2012

Petra Petersson BDA
in cooperation with the client Goro Tronsmo
Builder : Unibau Mitte Herr Orlamünde

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