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buerger katsota architects

The proposal for the new headquarters of the Cooperative Central Bank in Nicosia responds to a demanding programme that combines public and office as well as support programmes in a 10.000m² (+13.000m² underground parking) building complex.

The site is located in the suburban area of St. Barnabas along one of the major thoroughfares of the city -Athalassis street- just before its junction with the city’s main artery, Lemessou Street.
Instead of a single building volume, the proposal specifies 5 cubic volumes. Their interconnection at the base of the complex will house public programmes volumetrically responding to the smaller scale of the surrounding residential buildings while the three taller blocks along the Athalassis street front, will house the offices and the bank’s Nicosia branch, taking advantage of the maximum allowable height and rising above the average height of the context creating thus a new landmark over the city’s skyline.
A triple height reception area leads to the spacious, naturally light and flexible public spaces, the conference hall, the gallery, the permanent exhibition hall and cafe that function as the focal point for both visitors and staff. The office spaces ensure maximum spatial flexibility and natural light while in combination with the public programmes of the library and smaller conference rooms, serve and promote teamwork. The organisation of the building follows throughout an open plan logic.

The structure of the complex combines concreted slabs, concrete shear walls and a structural steel frame on the facade. The structural facade with the high performance glazing releases the plan and serves as an effective climatic moderator. Upon the fixed glazing, integrated openable louvers provide the required natural ventilation while a sophisticated shading system with rollers integrated upon the structural facade ensures comfort for the interior as well as the continuous animation of the facade.
The building complex for the new headquarters of the Cooperative Central Bank is open, transparent, versatile responding fully to the collaborative structure, character and vision of the bank.

project description international competition entry for office building with public amenities
location Nicosia, Cyprus
built area 23.000 m²
design team Stephan Buerger, Demetra Katsota, Flavian Lekkas, Daphne Mintza, Francisco Serodio, Mladen Stamenic
renderings Glessner Group
client Coop Central Bank Cyprus

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