De Vylder Vinck Taillieu

House H

De Vylder Vinck Taillieu . photos: © Filip Dujardin

Where are we? What do we see? What is? What is a bit different. Just that bit different. Actually different.

Starting again from where we are. What we are. Who we are. Transcription of the surroundings.
The sequence of outbuildings, one built behind the other, makes way for an uninterrupted view of a garden that stretches back for 320 metres and is replaced by a single extra room. And the old house can go back to doing what it used to do. What it was built for: kitchen and dining room.
The new room does not distinguish itself from its surroundings. Made from the same materials. But that bit different. Put together differently. Different details. Different presentation. Wall, floor, ceiling. Concrete slabs from the garden walls. Room of garden walls. Garden room.
Everyday. Ordinary. How can we be ordinary? How can we be ordinary…

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