Wanderer’s Lodge . Santander

GARCIAGERMAN ARQUITECTOS . photos: © Jorge López Conde

Wanderer’s Lodge is a small pavilion gently placed amongst existing trees in the garden of an extraordinary property in the north of Spain.

In its daily use, it overlaps functions of protection, storage, entertaining, dining, barbecues, napping, acting as a small theater, etc. The particular climatic conditions to do with rain and humidity have suggested a lightweight materiality capable of reflecting the closeness of the trees and the existing main house, making itself present through the contrast of a polished and symmetrical piece against its natural backdrop. Designed for a young family of wanderers who travel the world, the pavilion celebrates the dialectic presence of fire and water as means to anchor experience to time and place. Construction elements are prefabricated and assembled on site by two local craftsmen.
TEAM: Jacobo García-Germán, Rebeka Záhonyi, Andrea Gutierrez, Olga González, Álvaro Sáez
BUILDER: Sertimón Cantábrico S.L.
PHOTOGRAPHS: Jorge López Conde
CLIENT: Private
LOCATION: Santander, Spain

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