NU architectuuratelier

Mathilde House Renovation . Gent

NU architectuuratelier . photos: © Stijn Bollaert . + ideasgn

Renovation of a house on the edge of the city, positioned between a busy street on the front and a big garden on the back.

Concept of this project is to realise new elements in order to reorganise the house and update the facilities. To do so we deliberately avoided the use of an overall concept and considered each room and function separately in its specific function and spatial qualities.
The kitchen is an in-between-space which becomes thinner towards a cozy library and which opens-up towards the garden. It is a dynamic place, injected in the darkest part of the house. Seen from the library the kitchen disappears, while seen from the living space the kitchen space becomes narrower and accentuates the cozyness of the library. A big floating working-tablet also completely dressed with hpl is a majestic meeting place within the house.
The bathroom is a box within an existing room which we left as it was. By concentrating all functions inside this central box, the bathroom transforms its function in an endless route with particular moments/functions along its way.

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