Casa Barak . Sommières

R&Sie(N) . photos: © François Roche

It’s the story of the three little pigs tale when the last one was constructing the most fragile one, the most temporary one, to avoid to waste time during construction. While the others were working for wood and bricks unit, the third pig was dancing and spoiling his agenda in lazy stuff (at the opinion of the others). But when the wolf came, as usual in the tale, and blew on the fabric house…Imagine how he should have been astonished of the permanency of its fragile and temporary appearance…

Design of a house for Judith and Ami Barak, director at this period of an art centre in Montpellier, in the South of France (Nîmes)

1) Exacerbation of the landscape like a new geological fold.
2) Using the casual pollution of the landscape from farming industry (plastic net to protect young trees against the rabbit)
3) Tent-like construction to provide a stuttering of time and permanency in front of an Archaeological middle age tower, submitted to the patrimonial protection. The authorisation came from the degradable appearance, which cannot be considered as an architecture, but more as an installation, which has to be quoted as a strategy of confusion, developed with the client..
4) South en France, subsidiary; a canopy to negotiate hot climate and sun radiation.

Sommières, 2003, France
Architect: New-Territories / R&Sie(n)… Paris
Creative team and associated partners: François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux, Alexandre Boulin, Olivier Legrand
Engineer: Abaca Engineer
Contractor: Christian Hubert de Lisle
Key dimensions: 160 m2
Client: Ami & Judith Barak
Cost: 0,16 million USD

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