As the beginning of a representation is marked by the abstraction of the sound and the darkness, the beginning of the project is marked by the abstraction of the gutter of the Place Charles-Sturm.

Real furrow that appears as an undeniable track of the site, it is capable of telling the entire story that took place on this ground where so many feet have already danced. And translate in an essential way a functional need into a physical object.
The channel becomes almost in a natural way a powerful line on which the project comes to put itself in balance as it does the point of a dancer on the ground.
And just like the water is guided by this furrow, the crowd will come too to follow this thread allowing the movement. The spatial sequence ending in the space of representation, ultimate light to be approached before the show begins.

" It is necessary to learn to be touched by the beauty, by a gesture, a breath, not only by what is said and in which language, to perceive independently of what we know ". Pina Bausch

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