Cunat . Hakulin . Chmel

The Øya Festival icon . 120 HOURS Competition

design team: Matej Cunat . Daniel Hakulin . Miroslav Chmel | TUL Liberec . Czech Republic . + 120 HOURS

We propose a round pavilion which encircles set of trees in southern part of park. The location is chosen carefully so the pavilion does not block space in front of the stages. It is also situated strategically that creates a heart of both the festival area and the park itself.

The structure is lifted above the terrain, so it does not damage current vegetation of the park while giving a possibility to experience the park from a diferent level. Our object can be optically opened to its surroundings by using rotary wooden slats but also it can be closed to give the pavilion a more intimate
space, which is dominated by central trees. The pavilion is a part of the Øya Festival but it gives opportunities for experiencing diferent atmospheres and feelings all year round. The material solution was chosen considering the environment; structural parts are made of local pinewood.

Our structure can become an icon of the festival; it respects the philosophy of the Øya Festival and by its morphology we try to continue with symbolism of island festival. The circle is a symbol of ininity, of an island and of the world.

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