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KWK promes

The highest value of the plot is a wonderful view. The idea was for the house to become its framework that crops it. The most appropriate building turned out to be a fully open on mountain landscape storey building, which gives the same view to all of the interiors.

Because of the plot being located in an absolute wilderness a problem of security came out. The solution turned out to be “turning” the building so as only its one corner touches the ground and the rest hang over the edge of the hill. With this solution, part of the ground floor where the bedrooms were located was pulled up to the level of the first floor.
The problem of security concerns also location of the house on a steep slope, as there was a high risk of landslip, more and more frequent in polish mountains. As to limit the movement of the native land the house was treated as a bridge, under which rain water flows naturally.
Realities of mountain landscape as well as the local law constrained a gable roof. House took the form of a typical barn standing on three thin walls.
To give rigidity to the building the walls were tensed by the planes of ”inverted” roof and their consequent slope increased the feeling of security and gave lightness to the building. Because of its shape and the water flowing beneath it the house began to resemble an ark.

author: robert konieczny, lukasz marciniak
structural engineering: kornel szyndler
installations: tb-projekt
client: robert konieczny
site area: 1,694 sqm
floor area: 137.8 sqm

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