Emilia Azcárate

Untitled (Bogotá) . 2013

+ Henrique Faria Fine Art

We live in a world that has largely lost touch with spirituality. In art, there is a long history of representation of religious iconography and spiritual traditions.All of Emilia Azcárate’s work is related both formally and conceptually with vital processes, one of which is spirituality...
It was her experience with Hare Krishna that led Azcárate to start to explore ways of articulating her spiritual experience and creating iconographies, both as an epistemological exercise in the understanding of its philosophy and as an articulation of its inherence in her everyday life and in existence as a whole.
Henrique Faria Fine Art

Untitled . 2012

Untitled, from the series Gohonzon . 2013

Mail Art . 2013

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