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The Elizabeth House site has long been identified as key in Waterloo, and the redevelopment of the site presents the opportunity to transform the entire local area.P&O Estates proposed a redevelopment plan in 2007, with three tall towers, but the proposals were refused. Our new proposal aims to overcome the objections to the 2007 scheme.

The site has had a long record of failed attempts at redevelopment, with the most recent application by a previous developer turned down after a planning inquiry in 2009, having been supported by Lambeth Council and the Greater London Authority. Known as ‘the three sisters’, these plans were for three towers of 31, 28 and 21 storeys, which had a much more significant visual impact as well as far less public realm. This therefore set an important context for the current designs to respond to.
Our new plans for the Elizabeth House site are based on only a single tall building, which is of exceptional architectural quality, and a far more generous provision of open space and other benefits.The basis of this design was presented by David Chipperfield Architects during a design competition in summer 2010.

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