Harry Gugger . BARCODE

Collectiegebouw Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen . Rotterdam

Harry Gugger Studio . BARCODE Architects . + Museum Boijmans

The new Collection Building designed by Harry Gugger Studio & BARCODE Architects responds unequivocally to the layering of it’s location and is characterized by a creative, contemporary transformation of the Dutch archetype ‘PakHuis’ (warehouse).

It refers both to the existing typical Dutch orchard of OMA & Yves Brunier and to the functional typology of the Rotterdam port depots. The building is set back from the neighbouring institutions on all sides and in this way it not only establishes itself as integral part of the park but also differentiates itself from competing with its direct surroundings.
In its architectural expression the design unashamedly embraces its primary function as a depository of cultural value. It’s simple, straightforward and economical form directly engages with the character of a classic warehouse. This honest engagement with its original typology is extended to its materialisation that references the classic brick buildings in its immediate vicinity. With these aspects the design presents itself as the new Collection Building for the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and the City of Rotterdam, which through its silhouette will become a recognizable landmark, connecting the Museum with its immediate surroundings and the rest of the city.

Competition. Finalist.

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