Souto de Moura

Cork door handles

photos: © Pedro Sadio & Maria Rita @that image . experimentadesign

As well as cork’s ecological, insulating and natural attributes, what I like is touching it, so I chose to “redesign” a door handle… to handle.
Essentially, it was the touch; and, on top of that, the texture is lovely, compact, consistent, neutral and pleasant. It has a cream tone that works in virtually all environments; it’s not purple, red or canary yellow.
Souto de Moura

METAMORPHOSIS, is based on a project originating from a partnership with Corticeira Amorim, which began in 2009. Focussing on the creative possibilities of the manufacture and use of the exceptional raw material that is cork, it was developed further between 2011 and 2013. Devised, curated and organised by experimentadesign, it highlights experimentadesign’s approach as an agent that fosters project-based culture at international level in the areas of design and architecture.
Rather than just special and unique items, the objects made and studies undertaken pave the way for the exploration of new processes and applications.

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