Savioz Fabrizzi

maison savioz transformation . giète-délé

Savioz Fabrizzi . photos: © Thomas Jantscher . + baunetz

This barn, built in 1882 in the middle of the fields, was used for housing during the pasture season. in 1980, the addition of a floor and the roof transformation modified its appearance and its allocation significantly; the building became then a holiday home.

Our new intervention reveals the history of this building by showing all the materials used for the façade over the years. the original stones, the bricks added in the eighties and the contemporary concrete modifications are disclosed and a dark painting makes all these raw textures uniform.
Far from the smooth appearance of some holiday chalets, the facade treatment reminds the functional aspect of the ancient barn, rather rudimentary than aesthetic.
in a site surrounded by fields and forest, the living room opens to the nature. 4 boxes covered with dark wood emphasize the corners of the spaces. they are separated with large widows from floor to ceiling which can be wide open, extending the spaces to the outside.
The grey shades of the inner materials reinforce the framings and contrast with the landscape. a wood stove along with solar cells guarantee the heating.

maître de l'ouvrage :
monya et laurent savioz
programme :
logement de vacances, séjour-cuisine, wc-douche, dortoirs, cave
dates :
projet 2009-10,
réalisation 2011-13
volume sia 116 :
346 m3
ingénieur civil :
editec sa, ayent

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