Marc Camille Chaimowicz

Forty and Forty . 2014

with Klara Lidén and Manfred Pernice . + Galerie Neu . Contemporary Art Daily

Forty glazed ceramic vases were specially produced at Bottega Gatti in Faenza – a historical Majolica atelier founded in 1928, renowned for its collaborations with visual artists since the Italian Futurists. These will be installed throughout the exhibition space. A dialogue between artist and artisan emerged over a series of visits to the Italian atelier, and materialized in four designs varying in shape, color and finish, using Chaimowicz’s distinctive patterns that inform his vocabulary. The resulting works are hybrids that involve both the history of their own specific fields, further blurring the boundaries and hierarchies between fine and applied arts.
Playing on an idea of intimacy, Chaimowicz has conceived a space veiled by white curtains where forty free-range canaries will inhabit the show, with vases as their environment.
Galerie Neu

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