Park McArthur

Blue Snowflake Commode

Lars Friedrich . + Contemporary Art Daily

This is an exhibition of loading dock rubber bumpers and old pajama bottoms. These materials offer maximum impact absorption and cushioning--what is called passive vibration isolation. They virtually eliminate vehicular and building damage. I call the pajama-armature sculptures commodes after commodus, Latin for "proper, fit, appropriate, convenient, satisfactory." A commode is a chair with a built-in chamber pot. A commode is also a chest with drawers. Accommodation is a commodity too. Indoor plumbing is to shopping is to freight trucks backing up onto loading docks is to everywhere: what passes over and through bodies of maximum convenience is also what is absorbed.
Lars Friedrich

Black & White Plaid Commode, Breakfast Commode, Pink Love Commode, Calvin Klein Commode . 2014

Passive Vibration Isolation 2 . 2014

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