Pérez Cepeda . Francesconi

PCF House . Santa Fe

Francesconi Pérez Cepeda . photos: © Federico Cairoli . + archdaily

The proposal is based on the interpretation of particular conditions and lifestyles developed over a process of inhabiting the place, marked by relations of a natural adaptation to climatic, socio-economic and cultural characteristics of the place.

The courtyard -architectural project-
The concept of physical and cultural pre-existence is therefore essential to ensure the success of the house in its capacity to create spaces for man’s relationship with his intimate environment, and social relationship on a larger scale.
According to this, the proposal consists of rereading and enhancing the courtyard concept as a traditional criteria for occupying the lot, around which the house is structured.
This courtyard acts not only as an outdoor space capable of generating light and ventilation for the rooms, but also becomes a vital living space of the house, transforming itself into an open room.
The house is designed as a platform for constant transformation. From the equation of the courtyard + service module + existing room + new module, it is possible to articulate different everyday responses, adaptable to the everyday and to the unforeseen (kitchen living dining room, study, play space, which is also a barbecue area).
The constructive logic adopted results from combining disparate variables, such as self-construction, non-traditional construction processes, and the use and recycling of existing materials.
The framing accentuates the open floor plan of the main body, allowing its full integration with the courtyard on the ground floor while upstairs, it provides privacy and independence through openings screened by perforated panels.

Architects: Pérez Cepeda, Francesconi
Location: Ciudad de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina
Project Architects: Arq. Vanesa Pérez Cepeda, Arq. Andrés Francesconi

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