La Ville Rayée

Les Francs Tireurs . La Courneuve

La Ville Rayée . photos: © Stéphane Ruchaud . upholsterer : Damien Carron

The transformation of industrial premises into an artist’s studio and apartment was done through the treatment of the outer wall surfaces. Thanks to the explicit composition of the wall, all the necessary qualities are here, depending on what it is being used for. No more, no less. The project then becomes a superposition and arrangement of insulation, stiffness, waterproof qualities and finishing touches on the existing walls. This work, consisting of optimal qualification of the vertical surfaces, focuses on uses and objects. The space is organized by the peripheral surface, which in turn generates domestic dramas. The furniture created is the same volume as basic household materials.

Project : Les Francs Tireurs
Architects : Benjamin Lafore, David Apheceix, Sébastien Martinez Barat (La Ville Rayée)
Client : Private
Location : La Courneuve, France
Surface : 100 m2
Photographer : Stéphane Ruchaud

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