school of music . bressanone


Competition entry. 2nd prize.

The project of the Music School of Bressanone is set in a strategic urban context for the city. The area allows access to the historical center from the North, while it connects the green axis of the riverpark of the Isarco river to the West of the territory, becoming an important node in terms of mobility, social life and the future development of the city.
The proposal responds to the existing urban complexity through a new building able to lay out the programme of use on three levels. The building is made up of a foundation volume which hosts the main public functions of the school, the covered gallery and the music band areas while the classrooms are laid out in the top volume on two levels.
The volume scheme of the project answers in a simple way to the heterogenic building system around the square, different in scale and shape, and forms a dialogue, but without adding more dissonant elements. The building interacts with the climbing gymnasium, creating a balanced single system similar to a tower with a low body.
Access to the bulding is guaranteed from the gallery; its public vocation converts it into a fundamental axis for the functioning of the building but also for the complex urban relations of the environment. The marked horizontality of the gallery articulates itself with the three level height of the school, increasing the perception of the inner space and giving a controlled illumination. The waiting area and the inside paths are laid around this void, in order that the inside space acts as an extension of the public space, holding some activities such as studying, meeting or socializing.

Author: ETB (Alessandro Tessari, Matteo Bandiera)
Project team: Nicola Di Pietro, German Pro
Project: Music School
Type: International Competition
Result: Second Prize
Site: Brixen, Italy
Date: 2014.12
Client: Municipality of Brixen

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