Michael Maltzan Architecture

Regen Projects Hollywood . Los Angeles

Michael Maltzan Architecture . photos: © Iwan Baan

The new home of Regen Projects in Los Angeles is a distinctive new arts venue that will highlight the impressive work of prominent local and international artists while serving as an anchor, establishing an eastward shift in the cultural center of the city.

The new building stands apart, both physically and figuratively, in this burgeoning section of Hollywood. While neighboring structures are setback, the gallery building sits immediately adjacent to Santa Monica Boulevard. By using the former one-story brick and bowstring-truss building on the site as an armature, the existing building footprint was maintained. As a result, the project stands out of plane from its neighbors and can be seen prominently down the long stretch of boulevard. The architecture separates itself from the context, while taking cues from it as well. In contrast to the cacophony of signs, architectural styles, and piecemeal development, the existing building openings were carefully edited and the building was wrapped in a taut white plaster skin to bring it a contemporary reading. However, above the ground floor, an aggregation of volumes, housing the outdoor lounge, offices, and rooftop sculpture deck, create an interplay of physical and programmatic elements reminiscent of the neighborhood’s diversity.

The ground level interior spaces are simple volumes; the proportions, thresholds and quality of light are intentionally subtle in order to provide a significant but restrained venue to exhibit the works of international artists. The main gallery offers a single, uninterrupted 4,000 square feet of exhibition space. Whether used as a whole space or subdivided, two parallel ceiling apertures connected to a lightwell above suffuse the space with a restrained natural light that complements the overhead track lighting. The flexibility of the main gallery is extended to the lobby and adjacent corridors, allowing for a fluid transition throughout the space. Two viewing rooms offer a more intimate environment for viewing art, completing a family of exhibition spaces that will serve the diverse range of works created by the gallery artists.
The consideration of light and space that defines the galleries and viewing rooms extends to the support spaces. The light-filled offices, housed primarily in the preserved warehouse structure, contain both enclosed offices and more open, flexible offices spaces. The upper level includes the owner’s office and a 4,000 square foot outdoor sculpture deck that capitalizes on the temperate Southern California weather and offers panoramic views of Los Angeles. Like the exhibition spaces below, the outdoor decks accommodate a variety of exhibition spaces. The larger east deck allows for the installation of sculpture and hosting of gallery events.

LOCATION / Los Angeles, California
TYPE / Gallery, offices and art storage
SIZE / 20,000sf
STATUS / Completed 2012

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