PFA Headquarters . Copenhagen


PFA's new headquarters will be located at the tip of Redmolen Pier in Copenhagen’s new North Harbor, a unique location on the edge between city and water. Reflecting the history of Copenhagen, the office will take cues from the area’s warehouses as well as the city’s extensive collection of unique spires. These towers define the Copenhagen skyline. Entwined dragons (the Copenhagen Børsen), an internal walkable spiral (the Round Tower), and a spire that winds like a mountain trail (the Church of Our Saviour) are each treasured details that give the Danish capital its very special soul.

We propose to continue this tradition in PFA’s new headquarters, which is broken up into terrace segments, like a ziggurat – a modern interpretation of the historical spires of Copenhagen. The terraces are formed as a continuous spiral that rises from the quayside as a mountain path, providing access to a series of public plazas and gardens with spectacular views towards the surrounding harbor. The spiraling terraces function partly as a public promenade for the city’s residents and partly as an everyday outdoor space for PFA’s employees and visitors.
Designed as a rational, efficient and flexible workplace, the headquarters is an adventurous urban outpost. The spiraling terraces allow movement across floor boundaries – both indoors and outdoors
⦁ creating flexible workspaces that encourage interaction between employees. If the Babel tower was a symbol of how the world's population were separated by an inability to communicate to each other
⦁ the PFA Ziggurat will rise as a symbol of a city where public and private interests can coexist and meet in the effort to create a new vibrant neighborhood.

Partners-in-charge Bjarke Ingels, Andreas Klok Pedersen
Project Leader Jakob Henke
Project Architect Ji-Young Yoon
Team Oscar Abrahamsson, Lucian Tofan, Domenic Schmid, Agne Rapkeviciute, Danai Charatsi, Henrik Rømer Kania, Mikolai Adamus
Pfa Headquarters
Invited Competition
Pfa Pension
Schønherr Mir
25.000 m2
Copenhagen, Dk
In Progress

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