Ateliers O-S Architectes

Culturel Center : Multimedia Library + Music and Dance Conservatoire . St Germain-Les-Arpajon

© Vincent Baur

Ateliers O-S Architectes . photos: © Vincente Ferrane . + baunetz

The new Cultural Center of Saint-Germain-lès-Arpajon settles into a long and narrow site, looking at the green valley of the Orge river, and dominated by the Parc of Chanteloup. These two landscapes are linked by a gradient slope whose dip allow to see the valley from the high point of the site.

© Vincent Baur

© Vincent Baur

Surrounded by a school and a cemetery, the project takes advantage of the sloping site to fit discreetly, while affirming its status of signal. The program is split into two levels, a high-level square and a low level square connected by a passage crossing the building.
This urban composition, this tight line in the landscape stand the project as a pole of attraction in the neighborhood.

The global volume and space, the functional organization and the facades are the three research axis that lead our conception. We opted for a pragmatic organization based on quality of life and working conditions of staff, that encourage exchange and conviviality.
We tried with this project to give curiosity and envy to users, by promoting places based on exchange and sharing that are essential for a social and cultural center. The access of the cultural center opens between the two branches of the equipment inviting and guiding the user.
In the ground floor is the generous reception area, organizing access to the whole program: the Multimedia Library, the Music and Dance Conservatoire, the administrative offices.
This is the place of information and organization, the window of the cultural center.
The Multimedia Library is directly accessible from the street, and is organized in an L shaped on a large playful and bright open space: the library becomes an active space. The colored furniture act as a partition and organize the space of readings.
On the lower level is the Music School and administrative offices. The classroom are organized on the north side while the two dance studios open generously to the east on the landscape of the valley.

5 280 000 € HT
2 113 sqm²
City of Saint-Germain-lès-Arpajon
Ateliers O-S architectes : Vincent Baur + Guillaume Colboc + Gaël Le Nouëne (architects)
Office of Landscape Morphology (landscape designer)
CFERM (fluids)
C&E (structure)
MDETC (economiste)
ORFEA (acoustician)

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