Bevk Perovic

Situla mixed use highrise complex . LJUBLJANA

Bevk Perovic Arhitekti . photos: © MIRAN KAMBIČ . + mies award edition 2015 nominee

New housing, shopping and office complex on Vilharjeva street is part of the redevelopment project of railway station area of Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, the largest urban renewal project in Slovenia. The first building to be built within the new Masterplan of the area, Situla complex comprises a mix of different housing typologies, accompanied by diverse shopping and office programmes on the lower floors, sitting on a large, 5-floor underground carpark, with a total of almost 80.000m2 of space.

Conceived within strict limits of the Masterplan, which prescribed the exact outline of the entire complex - consisting of a two-story public ‘plinth’, 8-story apartment slab and a 20-story skyscraper - the idea of the project is to try to unify all different programmatic and volumetric demands within a common, single-material gesture – copper/bronze-coloured perforated ‘skin’, appearing in different guises throughout the project.
The diversity of habitation possibilities, topping the office and shopping ‘plinth’, is a driving force of the project, ranging from patio houses and loft spaces on the roof of the base, to the standard apartment units within an 8-story slab and on the lower levels of the skyscraper, rising up in size and quality vertically up the tower, towards larger apartments and duplexes, culminating in two large penthouses on the top level of the skyscraper.
All of the apartments are fully glazed, opening towards the views of the city centre and mountains surrounding Ljubljana, and wrapped with continuous ribbons of terraces, allowing for the units to open fully towards the outside. A continuous enclosure in copper/bronze coloured perforated sliding aluminium panels projects an ever-changing, but simultaneously uniform appearance of the multipurpose complex to the city. max 500 words

BEVK PEROVIC ARHITEKTI / Matija Bevk, Vasa Perovic, Andrej Ukmar
Gasper Blejec, Gorazd Crnko, Blaz Gorican, Rudi Grahek, Miroslav Jemec, Ivica Klodic, Mitja Kovacec, Jure Kozin, Robert Krese, Jernej Krmelj, Momcilo Lalic, Niko Nosan, Joze Oblak, Gonzalo Piqueras, Davor Pocivasek, Christophe Riss, Dusan Ristanovic, Ida Sedusak, Natasa Sprah, Maja Valic, Savo Volovsek, Peter Zargi
Site: 9.077m2
Building gross floor area: 79.195m2

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