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Lima de Freitas School Renovation . Setúbal

Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena Arquitectos . photos: © Nuno Gaspar / RCJV Arquitectos . + archdaily

The renovation and expansion of Lima de Freitas School, in Setúbal, is based on a strategy of appreciation of architecture and landscape on the eastern edge of Arrábida Natural Park. We sought to preserve the rainforest that works today as the unpredictability of the interior space of the building, constructed only in the spaces where it was not necessary to fell trees.

The project also seeks make the school more dense, giving complexity to the relationship between its parts. This complexity has meant building spaces between pavilions for group activities at the school.
The project provides a profound transformation of the relationship between exterior and interior spaces, and especially the creation of a new and clearer programmatic relationship between the parts. To minimize the impact of the construction on the space available, the design strategy is to build embankments that separate the three topographic levels.
Various spaces of noble scale were created for students and teachers, as chimneys between halls, courtyards, and a central space that brings together and celebrates the everyday life of the school.

Architects: Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena Arquitectos
Location: Setúbal, Portugal
Architecture: Ricardo Carvalho e Joana Vilhena
Project Team: Joana Vilhena, Ricardo Carvalho, Angela Marquito, José Maria Rhodes Sérgio, José Roque, Francisco Costa, Nuno Gaspar e Sebastião Taquenho
Project Year: 2012
Photography: Nuno Gaspar / RCJV Arquitectos
Foundations And Structures: ARA/ Fernando Rodrigues
Building Services And Electrical, Communications And Security: AFA Consult
Building Facilities And Plumbing: AFA Consult
Gas System And Safety And Health Plan: AFA Consult
Building Facilities, Mechanical And Hvac: AFA Consult
Acoustics: AFA Consult
Landscape: Victor Beiramar Diniz
Construction: Mota Engil S.A.
Client: Parque Escolar

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