Farsta Centre . Stockholm


COBE, together with SLA, Tyrens, ICP and Yngve Andren selected for the further development of Farsta Centre.

Farsa Centrum is the largest shopping mall in Stockholm with over 150 stores and over 40,000 m2. It was developed in the 1960's as the centre of Farsta - a Stockholm suburb developed from modernist ideals of life in the green and separation of functions. Today Farsta Centre is the first of 9 strategic groth centers in Stockholm - one of Europe’s fastest growing city regions. Can we transform Farsta Centrum from a 1960's mall into a vibrant, active, diverse and dense city centre for the inhabitant of Stockholm?

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Client: Atrium Ljungberg and the City of Stockholm
Program: Strategy and development plan
Size: 15 ha
Status: Parallel assignment 2014, on-going
Collaborators: SLA, Tyréns, ICP, Yngve Andrén Konsult
Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Mads Birgens, Simon Sjökvist, Alexander Ejsing, Michal Michalowski, Ludvig Holtenäs

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