Wrzeszcz . Lobos . Lotz


Borys Wrzeszcz . Jorge Lobos . Katrine Lotz

Chile has been divided in two countries in 1810. 3% are the owners of the country and the rest of population 97% is excluded. The power maintains everything under control – religion, army, politics, private education system, healthcare, pensions, media, even charity.
After coming back from exchange in Santiago I felt a huge need of challenging this problem.
Issues of inequality led me to the one of the biggest unofficial settlement in Santiago. The friction line between two societies in this area reflects complexity of the problem. The result is an architectural symbol of resistance that may stop polarization of society and improve the level of life for future generations.

Borys Wrzeszcz, Poland
Jorge Lobos, Chile
Katrine Lotz, Denmark

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