Villa Gug . Ålborg


Designing a home for a family is like painting a portrait. A portrait’s success lies not only in the artist’s ability to express himself – but rather in the artist’s ability to capture the expressions, character, personality, or even the soul of those being portrayed. As an architectural portrait, the home is about creating a framework for interests and needs, wishes and dreams, requirements and criteria – in short – the life the family wants to live.

In Villa GUG, the clients’ passion for cars plays a significant role in the family life, taking up a significant portion of the housing area. Instead of hiding the vehicle away in a basement, or a large garage, we suggest a house that smoothly turns from car to home. The linear building curves in a loop around the top of the hill framing a central courtyard for the family’s private affairs. The building’s character gradually changes from an introverted garage and showroom at the driveway - to the more open functions, including kitchen, living room and terrace on the top of the building. We have reprogrammed the standard house as we know it by basing our design on the clients' passion, creating a type of housing that is tailored to the residents of this specific household.

Villa Gug
Partners in Charge Bjarke Ingels, David Zahle
Project Leader Nanna Gyldholm Møller
Team Pawel Bussold, Katerina Joannides, Krzysztof Marciszewski, Nicolas
Millot, Katarína Máčková, Joanna Jakubowska, Elina Skujina
Mads Peter Veiby
750 m2
Gug, Ålborg, Denmark

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