Kamoi Mt factory . kurashiki

TNA . photos: © daici ano

KAMOI-KAKOSHI processed paper is a Japanese company with a history of nearly 100 years to make a masking tape. Currently, masking tape “MT" that is popular in the world is the goods on behalf of Japan to be placed in the shops of museums around the world .Masking tape is made of Japanese paper and adhesive.

By the balance of the strength of the Japanese paper and the power of adhesion, people will be able to easily cut by hand tape . However , it's interesting, this company was making a fly paper founded at the start. Then, in the high-growth period of Japan, has been manufacturing the masking tape to be used in construction work. It has made masking tape to use for stationery now. Products has changed with the times, but the belief that it provides to society adhesive technology has not changed.
We have thought philosophy of such companies is that they should also be applied to the building. Rather than rebuild the factory just new, while leaving the old history, we've made the image of the new factory. We focused on being a gate-shaped skeleton of the building is beautiful. And I decided to change to a building where people can work comfortably, the building was empty warehouse just.
We have inserted into building a large white atrium. We left the expression of the old factory at the top of the stairwell. And I have an additional function of the new plant at the bottom of the stairwell. While it is decreased by a steel frame on the side of the pillar at the bottom of the stairwell, to increase the structural strength, has been removed the small bones of the building, such as a brace or stud. The volume of warehouse is large, it is impossible to air conditioning all space. Therefore, in order to partially ineffective air conditioning, we made a transparent small work space partitioned by the glass. It is not completely transparent polycarbonate outer wall because it is four layers. However, light is transmitted. I have realized while protecting the confidentiality of information products, improvement of thermal insulation, to ensure the strength of the warehouse. It seems like the Japanese paper. We aimed to change it from the image of a dark, cold factory into a bright, comfortable factory.
We want to create a new scenery of the factory.

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