Temporary Housing for Surfers . Tarifa

COBRA [Kersting+Tebart] . RETHINKING

Competition entry . 3rd PRIZE

open up my eyes, flooded with daylight, the scent of wood is in the air.
i get up, open the skylight and stretch, my view wanders off into the distance, there is a slight wind, i’m looking for the early waves.
still a bit sleepy, i climb down the ladder.
- coffee time.
got ready for the day. my feet in the cool sand, the board under my arm, straight to the sea. passing the other guys waking up, feels good to be an early bird.
running into the waves, lay down on the board, paddling against the stream, me against the nature.
sitting on the board, waiting for the wave.
lay down on the board, start paddling, feel the stream, stand up. me and the nature.

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