RJ-A / Robert Janson Arkitektur


RJ-A / Robert Janson Arkitektur

It’s first when you place an object next to it’s absolute contrast that you see the unique.

Strengthen Through Contrast
Contrast is a tool to strengthen and emphasis the truly unique character and atmosphere of Pyramiden. In times when so much is standardized, monotone and safety regulated let’s celebrate the unique, the uncharted and different. The hotel is the Yin to Pyramiden’s Yang.
The program consists of a hotel, but not like a conventional hotel. The rooms are spread out over the town in decay. Everyday it takes you on a journey through Pyramiden’s context and history, making you a part of it.
The architecture of the hotel takes its inspiration from chunks of ice floating the Arctic sea. At night the chunks light up and reveals the life within. Both during day and night the contrast is present.

Contrast | 120 Hours competition proposal

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