Serpentine Pavilion . London

serpentine pavilion . images: © Steven Kevin Howson / SelgasCano . photos: © Iwan Baan

The Serpentine design for the 15th annual Pavilion has been revealed, showing an amorphous, double-skinned, polygonal structure consisting of panels of a translucent, multi-coloured fabric membane (ETFE) woven though and wrapped in webbing. Visitors will be able to enter and exit the Pavilion at a number of different points, passing through a "secret corridor" between the outer and inner layer of the structure and into the Pavilion's brilliant, stained glass-effect interior.

When the Serpentine invited us to design the Pavilion, we began to think about what the structure needed to provide and what materials should be used in a Royal Park in London. These questions, mixed with our own architectural interests and the knowledge that the design needs to connect with nature and feel part of the landscape, provided us with a concept based on pure visitar experience. We sought a way to allow the public to experience architecture through simple elements: structure, light, transparency, shadows, lightness, form, sensitivity, change, surprise, colour and materials. We have therefore designed a Pavilion which incorporates all of these elements. The spatial qualities of the Pavilion only unfold when accessing the structure and being immersed within it. Each en trance allows for a specific iourney through the space, characterised by colour, light and irregular shapes with surprising volumes. This is accomplished by creating a double-layered shell, made of opaque and translucent fluorine-based plastic (ETFE) in a variety of colours. At the heart of the Pavilion is an open space for gathering as well as a café. We are also very much aware of the Pavilion's anniversary in our design far the 75th annual commission. The structure therefore had to be - without resembling previous Pavilions - a tribute to them all and a homage to all the stories told within those designs.

Serpentine Galleries Summer Season The Lars Windhorst
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Serpentine Pavilion sponsored by Goldman Sachs
Advisors AECOM
With David Glover
Supported by Stage One
Gold Sponsor Weil
Julia Peyton-Jones Hans Ulrich Obrist
Director Co-Director of Exhibitions
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and Programmes Director of International Projects

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