Pascal Flammer Architekten

Rocks and Sea house . Isle of Harris

Pascal Flammer Architekten . + Book ISLAND

I look at the sea and I know it is just a tiny border of something very big and wet. I can only imagine the ocean in my head, so it remains a concept. I am familiar with rocks – they are also endless – but I don’t have that mystical relation to them: rocks are just pieces of stone lying somewhere, hard and physical – but also beautiful. This project is about these two conditions.

The space facing the sea is the most artificial and the most conceptual space that I know of – a circular space. I cut it exactly in half.
The space facing the rocks is also a circle and a hill is more or less in its centre. Here the circle only makes a boundary to give presence to a random area of rocks. The house occupies a fragment of that space.
Materials: concrete, glass.

Pascal Flammer Architekten
Collaborators: Yushi Sasada, Giulia Furlan

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