Lifelines: between Memory and Transformation . Berat


Approaching an island doesn’t mean to approach a defined fragment of territory. An island is part of the larger organism of the river, and is the river the natural element under our spotlight. The dependence of the Osumi Island to its river is so evident that is not even possible to define the shape of the island, continuously transforming with the varying water levels to the extreme of disappearing.

In our proposal we consequentially start by addressing a more resilient water system that can absorb risks and vulnerabilities and develop its own cultural and recreational identity. Osumi Island is part of it; its context makes the island unique. The Unesco heritage site and the urban context integrates with the natural system of the river generating a all new range of possible scenarios and a new cultural gravity which is urban, by nature.

Lifelines: between Memory and Transformation, Berat, Albania
Water sensitive planning, public space
UNLAB: Andreas Faoro, Francesca Rizzetto, Daniel Martín de los Ríos, collaborator: Giulia Vanzetto
OPENFABRIC: Francesco Garofalo, Emanuele Paladin, Barbara Costantino, Olivier Sobels, Lou Besançon
CoRDA: Valbona Koçi, Fiona Mali, Jurtin Hajro, Artan Hysa, Endri Zhuleku
Client: Atelier Albania
Design: March 2015 – May 2015
Program: River Park, Waterfront, Public space design
Dimenion: study area: 250 kmq, project area: 9ha
Award: First prize

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