Gyan Panchal

Le pas . 2014

photos: © Aurélien Mole . + Marcelle Alix

Whether in his gestures, or in the look he takes at the surrounding world, what seems to characterize Gyan Panchal is his precision; the time rigor takes to become weightless. If we'd had the choice, we'd probably have asked Francis Ponge to write this text. From the poem The Crate, we imagine what he may have described: "at the corners of every street leading to the market, it gleams with the unassuming lustre of slivered pine. Still brand new and somewhat aghast at the awkward situation, dumped irretrievably on the public thoroughfare, this object is most appealing, on the whole — yet one whose fate doesn't warrant our overlong attention."
Marcelle Alix

La face . 2014

La vendange . 2014

La parole . 2014

Redevenir soleil

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