John Armleder

SORRY II . 2015

+ Massimo De Carlo

In this room John Armleder pays homage to the exhibition Horizon Home Sweet Home by James Rosenquist that took place at Leo Castelli’s gallery in 1970.Just as it happened then, the viewer is projected into a futuristic environment. Rhythmic installations composed by LED lights, the melody of Blue Danube Waltz in the piano version by Josef Lhevinne, fills the room whilst playing at different speeds together with smoke machines: all these elements play a key part in creating a mysterious and surreal landscape that feels almost suspended. Black and gold canvases, of different shapes and sizes, emerge from this whimsical scenery, seeming to imitate an imaginary idea of perspective or a small detail of an unknown geometric reality. The exhibition is like a series of short stories that allude to the artist’s relationship with the city of Milan: inspiring shapes and titles of the works in the show always remain mysterious and indecipherable.
Massimo De Carlo

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