Dürig AG

Lausanne University Student housing . Chavannes-près-Rennens

Dürig AG

Open international competition, winning entry.

Student housing for the University of Lausanne
and possible Athletes Village for the Youth Olympic Games (candidature)
Chavannes-près-Rennens, Lausanne, Vaud

Title: Vortex
Accomodations: 1150
Rooms: 630
Studios: 475
Apartments: 50
Students, residents: 1350
Public facilities: sports hall, nursery, event rooms, cultural spaces
Park and sports ground: 8000 m2
Height: 29 m
Exterior diameter: 140 m
Interior diameter: 100 m
Scope: 440 m
Length of ramp: 2800 m
Tilt of the ramp: 1%

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