Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

Local Architecture . + Malcolm Reading

The Guggenheim museum of Helsinki will be the new ICON of the city and will contribute to its skyline.
The different sizes of the most important buildings around the harbour and the SCALE of the ferries have been taken into consideration to create visual relationships with the museum.
The proximity of the park has led to a direct CONNECTION between the main entrance and Tähtitorninvuori park through a public bridge passing over the street.
It is a building laying on the docks, bound to the city through the roof of the public groundfloor. It allows an open view towards the harbour. Once inside the lobby, the view opens up to the sea and the islands.
The museum is conceived as a sculpted OBJECT from the outside to the inside revealing a big VOID passing through the entire mass. It becomes the main exhibition space ending in three large openings related to different areas of the city.

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