No.mad Arquitectos

Guggenheim museum . Helsinki

No.mad Arquitectos . + Malcolm Reading

The solution expands along the site as a fragmented but homogeneous landscape. The Museum is compacted into a single level reducing dramatically the energy needs. The Access is placed toward the market and the Bar overlooking the harbour.

The Exhibition Halls are configured in different sizes to maximize the display possibilities. A public platform covers the program absorbing the pedestrian and cycling flows from the park, the terminal and the market. This urban gift is filled with playgrounds, performance zones, bar terraces and sculpture displays. Several “framing” planes are located in each program focusing toward prominent urban icons. Their variable heights modify the platform atop creating a protective environment with elevated viewpoints. Profiting from this geometry, the Atrium enjoys a dual character, with a light controlled area and some protrusions with Piranesian charm. These protuberances integrate into the urban scale with an evident degree of permeability. Their dark wood presence links our imagination to the traditional Nordic buildings.

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