CentraleSupélec building . Paris

Gigon/Guyer . + CentraleSupélec . renders: © Annette Gigon/Mike Guyer Dipl. Architekten – Architron

CentraleSupélec has been designed by Gigon/Guyer as part of the project for its future Paris-Saclay campus.

The most characteristic aspects of the proposal that attracted CentraleSupélec’s attention following a year-long competitive dialogue included the following:
The architectural concept, constructed around a generously sized entrance hall with artificial topography that creates a series of very interesting work, project and teaching spaces.
The quality of the exterior envelope, which is original, sustainable and particularly distinctive.
The provision of space available for rental (the “Innocity” offer) and its inclusion in the project, which helps to make this development symbolically opened to the world and enriches the School’s activities by the enormous potential this will allow.

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