Miguel Coutinho

Shelter for Roman Ruins . Troy

When we arrive to the parcel that is located between the Sottomayor Palace and the chapel, we enter in the domain of Venustas. The proposal is based, essentially, in a design principle that, on one hand, meets the requirements of protection of these historical continuities and, on the other hand, is able to consolidate, produce and organize the spaces and footpaths between the various portions of the archaeological field.

It is intended that this coverage draw a reference line in the territory. Its geometry was determined by the form of the archaeological sites and the articulation between the altimetry. And that manifests itself, at the same time, as an extension of the chapel’s platform, introducing new themes and looks. The proposal is composed of two overlapping spaces. The one above contains a large square, open over the river and the Palace. In the background, we can still discover the Arrabida mountain range. Below, the plan protects the ruins, alternating heights according to the importance that is intended to give for each compartment. The vertical supports are positioned in such a way that they do not interfere with the pedestrian pathways.
The interest of the chosen material - cooper and brass – is given, especially, by the relation of its tone with of the ruins, sand and bushes that punctuate the small slope. Inside the basilica, it is worked the idea of the ethereal, of something that is upon us and the light that works with the surfaces. The perforations allow the sky to pierce and fill it with a unique atmosphere. Its interior is complemented with a powerful lighting effect, creating a sharp distinction that highlights the roman ruins. The gravel finishes off the pavement. From the existing graves, three are left uncovered, thus realizing the original plan of the Roman soil.

Shelter for the Roman Archaeological Ruins

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