Thomas Hartmann

Untitled . 2013

+ Christine Koenig Galerie

One sees stacks of newspapers, files scattered haphazardly about and papers stuffed onto shelves: the untidy workroom looks as if it were kept in fluttering disorder by recurrent wind. Everything is painted in delicate pastels.The perspective puts the beholder at a somewhat elevated and oblique vantage point, with the gaze drifting off into the distance, as if it were cast upon a seaport from above, with variously colored containers arranged in rows like the keys of a typewriter or the pieces of a gigantic puzzle. Thomas Hartmann is, very literally, a man of letters, a panegyrist of printed matter, in which the existential is both abstracted and condensed.
Christine Koenig Galerie

Untitled . 2013

Untitled . 2012

Untitled (Hafen) . 2013

Untitled . 2013

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