Vincent Van Duysen

Office building . Waregem

Vincent Van Duysen . Photos: © Alberto Piovano . © Juan Rodriguez

An existing office building for a Belgian weaving company was stripped and expanded for the making of a landscape office in an industrial context.

above photos: © Alberto Piovano

above photos: © Juan Rodriguez

These industrial characteristics were retained through the overall appearance, the neutral use of materials and the modular design. However the monolithic character, together with the three oversized light boxes and the routing on the site, articulates the building as a new presence.
Starting from the lower parking area, the long catwalk with a high verge on the side serves as a visual buffer between the offices and the street traffic. The main entrance is located underneath the first light box opposite to a hole in the verge. Once inside, the strong axis of the catwalk is repeated in the central circulation.
The light boxes, marking the building in its environment, were inspired by the technical additions on the roofs of industrial buildings. In this case they create a strong image on the outside and a spatial effect on the inside, combined with plentiful natural lighting.
The sober façade with concrete and glass panels encloses the existing structure. The limited choices of materials with their specific characters define the office building as a neutral monolithic form.

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