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PIXEL VILLAS . Frederiksberg

we architecture

The inspiration for the youth housing project comes from the classic villas in the old Fredenksberg, Thirteen detached houses in two stories are placed on the site, leaving little gardens in the gabs between.

The terrain rises towards East, creating a space for public functions facing the street, such as library, study room and a shared kitchen.
The concept of each vila is flexible and has for four different layout options, making room for 1-4 people per house in either co-housing or private apartments.
Each villa opens up towards a garden, linking the living room and kitchen to a semi-private outdoor space where the inhabitants can meet and interact.
The private functions as bedroom and bathroom are placed upstairs and covered by a shielded façaade, generating the feeling of a private zone.
The ground floor in each villa is set back, creating space for public flow between the little villas and through the patios. The facade is transpar­ent and provides the social zones of the house with daylight and visual contact to the surrounding houses.

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