Benedict Esche

The Øya Festival icon . 120 HOURS Competition

Benedict Esche | Technische Universität München . + 120 HOURS

Every year 6 Billionen trees fall for our daily life.

So what is really sustainable is to teach the people what they are consuming!
We have to learn to change!
The "Necklace“ consists of 24 wodden beams which is the average number of trees every person has to plant for a totally green footstamp.
Similair to ancient places like stonehenge the "Necklace“ becomes a quiet an calm place for reflecting the consumtion of the society.
It is a symbal of change.
The „trees“ are arranged in a circle with minimal intervention of the existing terrain.
The arrangement defines and demands a space in the park.
Through the open arrangement the space becomes a space for everybody and is not only accessible by a limit of people.

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10 de diciembre de 2014, 14:39 Unknown dijo...

a gerneric circle like any other circles... why not with a roof on the top? like a tent?or with a huge stage in the middle?

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