House of Fairytales . Odense


We propose a space that challenges the visitor, serving as a gate to the imaginary and spirit of the writer universe, materialized through architecture.

We propose a living experience into H. C. Andersen’s tales. An experience inspired by the author, and also one that inspires the visitor to feel the values, moral and sensations offered by his stories.
The theme of the forest is a regular appearance with a significant role, in fairytales and folklore. It represents mystery and dangers, being also a place of opportunity and transformation. Hence the concept of a garden that grew into a deep forest, transforming the public space into a magical experience.
This Fairytale Forest merges the public and private domain, in a coherent and unified whole, made of momentums that gently connect the outdoor with the indoor spaces.

Competition Entry
Hans Christian Andersen HOUSE OF FAIRYTALES
Head Designer: AND-RÉ
Design Team: Bruno André, Francisco Salgado Ré, Catarina Fernandes, Fernando Ferreira, Filipe Paixão
Facts Sheets
Client: Odense City Museums
Date: April 2014

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