Eon . Evin . Pinton-Delteil

The Øya Festival icon . 120 HOURS Competition

design team: Maxime Eon . Johann Evin . Guillaume Pinton-Delteil | Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Versailles . + 120 HOURS

The project is the result of another interpretation of the relationship between Sustainability and Architecture, instead of seeing it as an assemblage of green gadgets, a salad bowl. Sustainability is not only about solar panels, wind turbines or insulating material.

We think that sustainability may be achieved through form, project economy, material economy, construction and the relationship to the program. It is the occasion to re-think architecture through time, form and program. The essence of the project lies on the ambition to design a structure that offers an architectural immersion, a structure in which voids are created, designing generic spaces, intrisically rich and easily appropriable for any use. This aspect is essential, because the pavilion, beacon of the festival, is also meant to dwell in the park, and will have an alternate, a second temporality during the rest of the year. During the festival, it might host a little market for local producers that will finaly come all year long, it can be the place where the sorting of the wastes becomes a game for the public, a show, the facade can be filled with those wastes, awakening the consciouness of the public on what they throw away. It is also a place to chill, to rest, to meet, to have a drink on the high plateforms, overlooking the landscape and the festival. Our main intention is to propose spaces, for the public, the employees and the volunteers to dispose and to invent their own uses. People are used to buy object that have a very specialised use, that becomes quickly obsolet, and thus thrown away. We say that an architecture can be the support of multiple scenarii and that its ability to be sustainable comes from its beauty and the desire it creates in people minds to do anything in it.

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