International Horticulture Exhibition Xian 2011

embt . photos: © Zhen Zhonghai KDE

The atmosphere condition of Chinese landscape paintings is seeked for this garden.
Building an artificial scenario as natural as possible where to play the illusion of nature.
The materials chosen for the garden should come from the earth to get the sensation of being in contact with nature when feeling the texture of stones with your hands and with your feet.
We would like to use only natural materials.

The trees are arranged responding to its position in an imagined micro landscape where pine trees and cedar trees are in the upper part of the garden and deciduous flowering trees in the lower part, as if the upper part would correspond to the mountains and the lower part to the valley.

A reinterpretation of traditional Chinese wicker fence encloses the garden and ensure a certain feeling of secrecy. Here we will have climbing vegetation.

All senses should be stimulated...
Birds will sing for the ears of visitants. Three types of birdcages will be placed in the garden. Two standing on the ground and one hanging from the trees.

A small water pond will make the sun sparkle on its surface and will allow water plants to grow and embellish the site.
A sense of stillness and peace will be enhanced when being close to the pond.
Air will smell beautiful when the breeze passes by the water through the water flowers.

The artificial lighting for the garden is seeked in a very natural way.
The quality of the light will be soft and warm, bathing the garden with a golden quality.
Light will come out from wicker nests standing on the ground at the base of the trees or hanging from the trees and the pergolas.

Design Team
Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue - Miralles Tagliabue EMBT. Project Director: Daniel Rosselló Project Team: Francesca Origa, Gabriele Rotelli, Fernando Torres Rebollo, Verena Vogler, Alessandra Pizzetti, Silvano Orlandini, Alessandro Scognamiglio, Carmen Fischer, Luis Alberto Martinez, Evangelia Anamourlogluo, Maria Ioanna Barka, Charlotte Balmer, Christian Ozbun, Ana Isabel Fernandes, Elica Vatsileva. EMBT China: Igor Peraza, Qiwei Hu.

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