Christ & Gantenbein

Ancient Tree Pavilion . Jinhua

Christ & Gantenbein . Photos: © Iwan Baan . + architizer

The upswinging town of Jinhua in the hinterland of Shanghai is situated along a recently embanked river. Within the city lies a park, designed by artist Ai Weiwei and accentuated with 17 different pavilions.

In this new and artificially created landscape stands a tree. An ancient tree by appearance. Cast from concrete, withstanding the weathers, old and gnarled, but offering shelter and a meeting space for people. The branches and leaves, all shaped in organic undulating forms, rather evoke an image of a plant than of a technical construction.

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20 de abril de 2014, 9:10 Unknown dijo...

It's like a decaying mushroom. Beautiful yet sinister

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