House M+R . Beja

tma . photos: © FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura

Given its site, the parcel 48 allows us to create different points of view of the exterior. This way, it is proposed a house with different fronts, following the same logic of uniformity. The pendant of the ground conditions the entrance of the house by the main street since it has a leveling difference between the front and the back of the house.

The architectonic language has its origins on the drawing of interior spaces compromising the position and function of the formal consequences on the exterior. Thus a uniform volume is composed, giving it the capacity of absorbing the different points of view towards the exterior, knowing that they only exist because of the position of parcel 48 on the end of the lot.
The roof of the house is punctuated by two vertical elements that allow the entrance of natural lighting.
On the south front there are a couple of glass windows that each correspond to specific interior spaces, giving dynamics to the facade and taking away the strong presence of the difference of levels on the ground.

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