Christopher Williams

Erratum / AGFA Color (oversaturated) . 2000

photos: © Christopher Williams . The Art Institute of Chicago . + Contemporary Art Daily

With a career spanning 35 years, Christopher Williams (born 1956) now stands as one of the leading contemporary artists engaged in photography. Deeply invested in the techniques and history of photography, Williams is just as profoundly committed to contemporary art as a forum for intellectual inquiry and thoughtful opposition—resisting, for example, a capitalist society in which photographs typically act as agents of consumer spectacle. Through exacting mimicry—and stunningly beautiful images—Williams’s work has subtly questioned the conventions of photojournalism, picture archives, fashion, and commercial imaging.
The Art Institute of Chicago

Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden . 2010

Fig. 4: Changing the shutter speed . 2012

Kodak Three Point Reflection Guide / © 1968 . 2005

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